Monthly Archive: August 2023

Regular tiffin delivery person familiar with the lifestyle of the customers

According to media reports, a tiffin delivery person Mahesh Beniwal stabbed a senior citizen Shamina Nakara in Gowalia Tank causing injuries. Shamina Nakara and her family were ordering tiffin regularly which were delivered by Mahesh Beniwal, who was residing in Palghar. Since ordered food is far more expensive compared to home cooked food, Beniwal thought the people ordering tiffin food were wealthy and would ask them for money.
A few days prior to the incident, Beniwal had asked Shamina for Rs 50000 which she refused.
So when he delivered the tiffin next, he asked for water and then followed her into the kitchen stabbing her
This shows the risk of having home delivery, especially if the same person is doing the delivery every time, they get information about the family who is their customer.

Real address of greedy gujju domain fraudster raw employee amita patel available online, yet indian internet sector continues its online, financial fraud

The greedy gujju domain fraudster raw employee stock trader amita patel has always only been investing money in shares, yet exposing the massive online, financial fraud of the indian tech and internet companies allegedly led by google,tata, infosys, cognizant, the cheater amita patel is falsely claiming to own the domains of a harmless single woman engineer, domain investor to get a monthly government salary since 2013

The real address of greedy gujju domain fraudster raw employee amita patel who is a broker of sharek is available online and it is different from the address which the single woman engineer, domain investor is using for the domains and other online accounts.

Yet showing how the tech and internet companies, indian government agencies are openly involved in one of the greatest FINANCIAL, ONLINE FRAUDS in the world, since 2010, they are falsely claiming that greedy gujju stock trader domain fraudster raw employee amita patel,who has never invested money in domains, owns the domains of a single woman engineer who is viciously and criminally defamed to continue the FINANCIAL, ONLINE FRAUD