Getting a Good Credit Rating for Your Online Business

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Established businesses take their connections in the business-to-business world for granted. It is so easy to forget how hard it is to establish primary tradelines in business when you first get started. Years ago it may have been a little easier to get local suppliers, vendors and other resources to front you a 30-day net account to help you get started. Sometimes, you might have been asked to pay for all of or part of your first order up front. New convenience stores were pretty cool about having retail vendors provide inventory to get started. They would come in, stock your shelves and you would sell it and pay their wholesale costs keeping the rest for expenses and, hopefully, profit.

Now, many businesses are online entities with no brick and mortar storefront. It is a different animal establishing primary tradelines in the digital retail world. You still need to get yourself established, and this includes building a business credit rating that is favorable. It takes time, but there are things you can do to speed up the process. The first hing is to take advantage of every opportunity to have favorable reporting of your good payment history going to the credit bureaus. You don't want the info to leak there slowly over time. The positive stuff needs to be steadily fed to the credit bureaus to help establish your business as a favorable credit risk for vendors and suppliers and anyone you do business-to-business dealings with.

You can get started with establishing primary tradelines with the development of your online domain. Think of your domain as your brick and mortar store. Make sure it is customer-ready and has everything from your security certificates to the fresh and shiny look you want to present to your customers firmly established before you go public with your marketing.