Happy to Call This Home

I was absolutely thrilled to find out that I was given the position I wanted at Florida International University. I did not want to have to travel far every day for work, so I started to look at apartments for Miami Beach. Cost really was not a factor because I am a trust fund baby as well as a professor, but I still wanted to find a good deal in a great area. Finding Treasures on the Bay was the answer to my search for the best apartment close to my new work location.

These apartments are right on the beach, which is fantastic for a beach lover like me. I love being able to walk out of my apartment and be on the beach within two minutes. My husband loves being outdoors as well, but he prefers to spend his time on the golf course rather than on the beach. He is retired, so his only request was that whatever apartment we took, it had to be near a nice golf course. Living here at Treasures on the Bay means we both get what we want as far as the beach and excellent golf courses are concerned.

We have been living here for nearly a year now, and we never want to move. We have our favorite restaurants and pubs that we visit right from the beach. The mall is just a hop, skip and a jump away. He has golf outings with his friends at several area courses. We both use the fitness center here at the complex, and we have made several friends who are our age because we all tend to work out around the same time. This is just a really great place for people of any age, and I am happy that we are calling it home.