The Perfect Spot to Train

I'm a fit person who takes part in a lot of athletic competitions. I was training for an upcoming athletic competition, I needed to have regular access to a pool. There is a pool that I usually drive to for practice, but it takes a while to get there, and it's just so inconvenient to swim with all of the other people hanging around in the pool. The best thing for me was to get an apartment where I could get to the pool as quickly as possible, and easily run afterward. I looked at the Asheville apartment rentals that were available.

I moved into a pretty good apartment that had just the pool I needed. Early in the morning I would swim a few laps, dry off and run a couple of miles, rest for lunch, and then hop in the pool in the afternoon. I prefer to swim rather than running because it feels better on my joints and I love gliding through the water. If the competitions I compete in didn't have any running portions, I would just swim in the pool all day and work on getting as fast as possible.

I don't always win every competition that I enter. There are a lot of other people who enter, some who train as much as me, and some who are stronger and faster than me. Some people try not to think about this, but I use it as a form of motivation. These people are goals for me to improve myself and become at the same level as them or better. There is always someone out there who is a better competitor than I am, so I'll always be able to reach for new goals, as long as my body will allow it, and as long as I can practice at the apartment pool.