I Found a Nice Place Downtown

In fact there was only one big problem with the job that I had, which is that getting in and out of downtown Charlotte is a real pain in the rear. We are working on the 14th floor of the Bank of America tower and that does not make us unique. When I go to work it is like migration time on the Serengeti plain. At any rate I found new apartments for Charlotte NC that are right there in the area. It cuts down my commute time by a huge amount, not to mention the fact that we are no longer going to need to worry about parking. This building has a huge parking garage, which is blocks away from my office. So I can leave my car there all of the time, unless I want to go some place. It is actually close to the football stadium as well, so that I could walk there when I have tickets to the Panthers games.

I have been doing really well at the office, although a lot of that has to do with the politics going on there. There is a huge war going on between two factions and it is easy for you to get submerged in that sort of thing. I made a deliberate effort to avoid getting involved in that and this paid off. While they were all busy stabbing one another in the back I was busy doing stuff that needed to be done. Some way or another I managed to get credit for it, despite the efforts of others to claim it. The boss put me in charge of restoring order to the office in fact. He gains nothing from all of this conflict and told me to make everyone behave themselves as well as I could.