Monthly Archive: June 2022

We Knew It Was Time to Lose Weight

When my friend asked me if I would go on a health journey with her, there was no way I could say no. Both of us had been saying for years that we wanted to lose weight and get healthier, but we never seemed to make that happen. I thought we were going to end up walking a few days a week, but I also knew that we would not continue doing that more than a month. That is why I was really surprised when she told me that we were doing personal training in Surrey.

We go to Surrey at least twice a week because it is so close, so it was not the location that surprised me. It was the personal trainer that she had set up an appointment with us to help both of us get past the hurdles that we self imposed on ourselves. He was very nice, and he had no problem taking on both of us at the same time even though he said he normally just does one person at a time. He could see that we were committed to following through with this though after the initial consultation, so he agreed to let us do it this way.

We have the same work schedules, and our social lives are pretty non-existent for the most part. We usually end up at one apartment or another eating ice cream and watching movies on our free nights, but our personal trainer motivated us to do more than that. We started off very slowly because we just were not used to putting our bodies through that, but it was not long before we were using almost all the different pieces of equipment in the gym. We both feel so much better, and we look a lot better too!