Using the Best Free VPN for a Hobbyist Group

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I like how big online companies allow individuals a lot of latitude in using a free version of their products and services. They do not have to do that. They could just charge everyone and not allow any free accounts. I have noticed that from the biggest to the smallest online companies, there is often a free option to get you started whether it be in cloud storage services or other online stuff. I was looking for the best free VPN. I wanted to experiment using a virtual private server online to see if I could accomplish what I was setting out to do.

I am an electronic hobbyist, and I was looking to establish a way for myself and other hobbyists that restore old communications equipment to be able to test our devices online. I needed a VPN that could run the software I wrote and allow access to other hobbyists to download it and run it on their computers.

The VPN would handle all of the communication between us as the software ran. What we were doing was connecting very old communication equipment, such as teletype machines, over the Internet. This allowed us to send and receive signals to and from the machines over the Internet rather than over old landline phone lines they used to connect to when they were in use.

Where I live, the phone company charges a fortune for a regular copper wire phone line now, because they are trying to discourage customers from continuing to use them. They want to go all cellular. The machines we collect and fix could easily connect over the Internet through a VPN server running my software. However, I am just a hobbyist and there are few of us. That is why I needed the best free VPN I could find. I was not expecting a ton of traffic, but I did get a VPN that was quite liberal in its free data usage.