Living in an Apartment Instead of a House

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My husband told me he wanted us to look at luxury apartments for rent in South Charlotte NC instead of a house, which really confused me. He explained that he had been looking at houses online as well as when he would go there on his business trips, and he was just not seeing anything that he liked. While our goal is to definitely have a nice house with a big yard, he just did not want to rush into us buying a house that we were just settling for.

I can definitely understand that because that is what happened to us with the house we just sold.

We were never quite happy with it, but that is mainly because of the school district that it is in. We have a 13 year old son, and we want the very best for him. He told me that he had been looking at some luxury apartment complexes, and there is one that is in a great school district. He felt that we could get an apartment for a year at that one, and then we could take our time looking for a nice house that all three of us would be really happy in.


It made perfect sense to me, and then he showed me the two bedroom apartment that he wanted to be our home for at least the next year. I really cannot tell you who was more excited by everything we saw, me or our son. He was hyped up over the fitness center and the pool, while I was excited about the actual apartment. I knew that I would have no problem making this our home, and I also knew that it would not be a hardship if it took longer than a year for us to find our dream home too.