Still Living My Dream Near DC

My dream my entire life was to get a job in the nation's capital. I went there on a field trip as a youngster, and I fell in love with it then. I loved the history surrounding it as well as the hustle and bustle of the city itself. I went several more times, and each time I knew even stronger that this was where I wanted to be. Nearly two years, I finally got the call I wanted. I had gotten the job I applied for there! I went to a website and click here to learn more about my housing options before I made any further plans.

I had been researching housing in DC for some time, so I knew how expensive it was already. I did not mind living in one of the suburbs, but it was impossible to research all of them without knowing exactly where my job would be. Now that I had a location, I was able to look at apartment complexes within that area. The job I have is right on the outskirts of DC, and Manassas Park is not too far from it.

Manassas Park is a very nice area and I knew I would be happy living there. I also knew that I would be able to appreciate the pricing there a lot better! I looked at quite a few one bedroom apartments, and I finally decided that Palisades is the best choice for me. It is close to the train station, just a short walk away! It also has all the amenities that I had been hoping to have in my first apartment in the DC area, such as a fitness center and washer and dryer hookups in my apartment. It's now two years later, and I am still living my dream here!