This is My Last Apartment

I knew that I wanted a two bedroom apartment, but I was not sure exactly where in DC I wanted to start my search. I definitely wanted to live within the capital city limits because that is where my passion is for most things, including my daughter, her husband and their three children as well as the charitable organizations I volunteer at. My daughter is the one who suggested that I do a search for apartments in Dupont Circle Washington DC, and that turned out to be the only search I needed to do.

I was impressed with everything that I saw with the complex. The space is used so wisely, meaning that it does not lack any of the community features that are so popular today with apartment complexes. Though I will never use the indoor heated lap pool, I definitely plan on taking advantage of the fitness center. I also look forward to having picnics on the roof with my granddaughters and grandson. There is a rooftop terrace that has grills, and I plan on using one at least a few times a month when the weather does permit.

I don't drive, so this is the perfect location for someone like me. I can walk to the station for the metro, and I can also walk to the bus station as well. Either of those modes of transportation will take me right to where I want to go, and I have access this way to anything I could possibly want. There is a grocery store real close, and I can even pay someone a little extra to carry my groceries home for me or to just have them delivered straight to my door. The conveniences here are so well thought out, and I look forward to spending the rest of my days here.