Deciding Where I Should Move

I have been thinking about making a move for a good while, and now the question is whether I want to try to save up until I can afford a down payment on a house or if I should take an intermediate step and find a Colton apartments for rent. Of course the place where I am staying was pretty great when I was in college and I was dead broke. I had four or five roommates most of the time when I was in college, which made this place ridiculously cheap after everyone kicked in their share. Of course there were a few times when one of them would not have the money when it was time to hand it over to the landlord. Now it is me and two other guys, which means that the discount is not so great. Obviously it looks like a bunch of college age men have been living here and the place is not going to get fixed up while we around.

It is a big deal to make the right choice and I am looking around. Ideally I would be able to find a small house in a good location, but I can see the benefits of an apartment if it has the right attributes. By that I would mean that it would have to present the opportunity to meet girls. This friend of mine has an incredible place that he shares with two other guys. He could not think about affording it if he were alone. The three of them have a party pretty much every weekend, but a lot of the time there is a big party around the pool at this place. There is a huge resort style pool, mostly meaning that there is huge patio around the pool with room to party and dance.