My Son Can Save a Pretty Penny

Since my son has gotten older, he's been trying to be more responsible. Other teenagers ask their kids for money so that they can buy thins with it, but not my son. He works a part time job to pay for whatever he wants, and when he doesn't have a job, he does services for money. When the prom came around, my son decided to get a prom party bus rental for a group of students. He wanted to have all of his friends ride with him for the occasion, and wanted to do it in a way that would save money in the process.

My son even found a way to get a good tuxedo without having to buy a brand new one or pay for an expensive rental price. He scoured the Internet to find a website where someone was offering an old tuxedo for sale. The tuxedo was in good condition for the most part, but there was some minor wear and tear in a few places. Since my son knew how to sew, he patched up the worn spots to make them as good as new. Then he took the tuxedo to the dry cleaners and let them give it a thorough cleaning. Now he can use the tuxedo whenever he wants, such as at a future wedding date if he desires.

The party bus was a big hit with the students. They all ran inside to get to the prom and they danced the night away. My son took a lot of pictures with the camera that he bought using the money from his part time job. Many of the students had expensive looking outfits that their parents probably paid for, but my son was looking just as good in his affordable wear. He has a good head on his shoulders.